3300V Frequency Inverter For Coal Mine

  • 3300V Frequency Inverter For Coal Mine
  • 3300V Frequency Inverter For Coal Mine
3300V Frequency Inverter For Coal Mine
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This high voltage 3 level VFD are widely used in which the fields of electric power, iron and steel, petroleum, mining, chemical, cement, automobiles, and utilities.

SD series 3300V high voltage 3 level VFD frequency inverter

This high voltage have several advantages as following:

1. Three-level drive technology, lower output harmonics, waveform closer to sine wave, lower motor heating, longer motor workinglife

2. High performance for driving permanent magnet synchronous motor and AC asynchronous motor

3. Compatible with 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 18 pulse, 24 pulse, multiple voltage input modes, allowing grid voltage range from 85% to 115%

4. V/f control and high-performance vector control can be provided to achieve two-quadrant and four-quadrant operation, saving energy and reducing consumption;

5. The larger starting torque to easy move the load, soft start and soft stop to eliminate the mechanical and electrical impact, to extend the service life of the equipment; 150% starting torque is available when 1Hz reaching.

6. With CAN, Rs485 and other communication interfaces, it can realize communication with the host computer, realize the centralized control operation of multiple devices, and transfer the operation data to the ground dispatching room for remote supervision.

7. Multi-channel digital, analog I/O interface

8. Compatible with European control mode; capable of master-slave control of multi-machine dragging device

10. Power balance during runing (no need to install encoder) and synchronous speed driving

11. It has perfect protection functions such as overcurrent, overload, short circuit, phase loss, leakage lockout, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating and other protection functions.

The main advantages of the three-level inverter:

1) Simple structure and small size;

2) Compared with the two levels, the device can achieve 2 times the voltage output with the same voltage level;

3) Reduce the common mode voltage of the motor;

4) Reduce common mode interference to the power grid;

5) It is convenient to realize the two-way flow of energy and the four-quadrant operation of the motor;

6) The output du/dt is reduced by half compared to the two levels;

7) Compared with the two levels, the number of phase voltage output levels increases and the output harmonics decrease.

high voltage variable speed drive

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