660V And 1100V Frequency Inverter For Coal Mine

  • 660V And 1100V Frequency Inverter For Coal Mine
660V And 1100V Frequency Inverter For Coal Mine
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This medium voltage 3 level VFD are widely used in which the fields of electric power, iron and steel, petroleum, mining, chemical, cement, automobiles, and utilities.

It has several advantages as following:

1. Three-level drive technology, lower output harmonics, waveform closer to sine wave, lower motor heating, longer motor workinglife

2. High performance for driving permanent magnet synchronous motor and AC asynchronous motor

3. Compatible with 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 18 pulse, 24 pulse, multiple voltage input modes, allowing grid voltage range from 85% to 115%

4. V/f control and high-performance vector control can be provided to achieve two-quadrant and four-quadrant operation, saving energy and reducing consumption;

5. The larger starting torque to easy move the load, soft start and soft stop to eliminate the mechanical and electrical impact, to extend the service life of the equipment; 150% starting torque is available when 1Hz reaching.

6. With CAN, Rs485 and other communication interfaces, it can realize communication with the host computer, realize the centralized control operation of multiple devices, and transfer the operation data to the ground dispatching room for remote supervision.

7. Multi-channel digital, analog I/O interface

8. Compatible with European control mode; capable of master-slave control of multi-machine dragging device Power balance during runing (no need to install encoder) and synchronous speed driving

It has perfect protection functions such as overcurrent, overload, short circuit, phase loss, leakage lockout, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating and other protection functions.

high voltage inverter

Technical Specification:




Control modeV/F controlSensorless Vector control 1Sensorless Vector control 2Close loop vector control
Starting torque1Hz 150%0.5Hz 150%0.25Hz 150%180% under 0Hz
Speed adjust range**1:501:2001:500
speed stabilizing
Torque precisionNONOYesYes
Motor typeGeneral induction motor,permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)



Output volage3 electric level with low harmonic
Highest frequencyGeneral vector control :400Hz V/f control:4000Hz
frequency resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz analog setting: maximum×0.025%
carrier frequency0.5K~16KHz, the carrier frequency can be adjust by temperature automatically
Frequency reference setting methodDigital of Control panel, analog AI1, AI2, potentionmeter of control panel, UP/DN control, communication, PLC pulse frequency
Accel./decel. characteristicLinear curve and S curve accel. /decel. mode, range of time: 0.0 to 65000S.
V/F curve3 mode: linear, multiple points, N Power
V/F separation2 times separation: totally separation, half separation
DC brakingDC braking frequency: 0.0 to 300Hz, DC braking current: 0.0% to 100%
Braking unitBuilt in braking unit up to 15kw, optional is 18.5kw to 75kw, external built in for above 93kw.
Jog functionJob frequency range: 0.0 to 50.0Hz, the accel. and decel. time of Jog
Configuration PIDEasy to perform pressure, flow, temperature close loop control
PLC multiple speedTo achieve 16 segment speed running through built in PLC or terminal control
Common Dc bus *Multiple inverters use one DC bus for energy balance.
Auto voltage regulation (AVR)Enable to keep output voltage constant when grid fluctuation
Over load tolerance capabilityG type model: 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s,
P type Model: 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 3s.
stall control when over current, over voltageCarry out limiting automation for running current, voltage to prevent over current, over voltage frequently
Fast current limit functionminimize the IGBT module broken to protect the inverter, maximum reduce the over current fault.
Torque limit and torque control"Excavator" characteristics , torque limit automatically during motor running. Torque control is available in close loop vector control mode.

Featuresfriendly interfaceDisplay Hello when power on.
Multiple function key MK.F buttonIt can set for Forward Jog, reverse Jog, forward/reverse switch
Timing control functionA total running time and total running time calculating
Motor over heat protectionAccepting motor temperature sensor signal input via AI1 terminals.
Command sourceControl panel, control terminals, series communication, switch freely.
Frequency sourceDigital setting, analog current/voltage, pulse setting, serial communication, main and auxiliary combination.
Protection functionShort circuit detect after power on, input/output phase missing, over voltage, over current, under voltage, over heat, over load protection.
EnvironmentApplication siteIndoor, free of exposure to sunlight, no dusty, no corrosive, no inflammable gas, no oil and water vapor, and water dipping
AltitudeLower 1000m
environment temperature-10℃~+40℃, power derated for 40~50℃, rated current derated 1% for 1℃increasing.
HumidityLess than 95%, no water condense.

Products Feature:

1. Substantial reduction of harmonic current on power source side

SD3200 suppresses the harmonics by using a multi-pulse diode rectification system (12 to 60 pulses),thereby substantially reducing the generation of harmonics in comparison with previous models. The harmonic generation level stipulated in IEEE 519 (1992) is satisfied. This inverter is ideal for power sources.

2. Total inverter effi ciency as high as approximate 97%

a). Because an output transformer is unnecessary, inherent losses are eliminated.

b). Multi-level PWM control minimizes switching loss.

c). Because the harmonic current on the power source side is reduced, the primary winding of the input transformer

has a reduced harmonic losses

3. Source power factor as high as 95% or more

a). Due to full-wave rectifi cation with multi-phase diodes,operation is allowed with the source power factor (power factor on power source side) set at a high level.

b). A phase advancing capacitor and a DC reactor for improving the source power factor are unnecessary.

c). A smaller power capacity suffices for inverter operation.

4. High-reliability

a) . Higher equipment reliability is achieved by reducing the number of inverter cells by using a single-phase,3-level inverter, etc..

b). Stable operation is maintained despite load fluctuations, by the simple sensor-less vector control function.

c). The control device has a 32-bit MPU for quick response and high-accuracy.
5. Vector control

Vector control with a speed sensor is available (as an option) for equipment having high speed and torque accuracy requirements. (option)

6. Easy maintenance

a). The inverter is air-cooled, requiring no cooling water.

b). Start/stop operation, parameter setting, fault display and data monitoring are performed on the touch panel with simple loader functions.

c). Simple, built-in auto-tuning functions facilitate testing and adjustment.

d). Fault diagnoses are easily performed.

e). A dry-type input transformer is adopted.

Model list:


SD3000 stand for products name

37G stand for rated of power, 37kw

T11 stand for input voltage range, T6: 3PH, 660VAC input, T11: 3PH, 1140VAC, T33: 3PH 3300VAC

ASDA stand for function description,

SD3000 series 1140V VFD model list
SeriesModel listRated PowerInput currentOutput currentInput reactorDC Reactor
7.3mh/ 25A
5.6mh/ 32A
4.2mh/ 42A
3mh/ 58A
2.6mh/ 69A
2.2mh/ 85A
1.5mh/ 120A
1.2mh/ 150A
0.97mh/ 185A
0.79mh/ 230A
0.62mh/ 285A
0.5mh/ 370A
14SD3000-560G-T11-ASDA5603553500.22mh/ 355A
15SD3000-630G-T11-ASDA6303803950.19mh/ 380A
16SD3000-710G-T11-ASDA7104304500.17mh/ 430A
17SD3000-800G-T11-ASDA8004805000.15mh/ 480A
18SD3000-1000G-T11-ASDA10006005200.12mh/ 600A

SD3000 series 3300V VFD model list

SeriesModel listRated PowerInput currentOutput currentInput reactorOutput Reactor
SD3000 series 6600V VFD model list
SeriesModel listRated PowerInput currentOutput currentInput reactorOutput Reactor

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