DC Solar Pump Inverter

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DC Solar Pump Inverter
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What a solar inverter is? To make it simple that the inverter inverts direct current into alternating current for all appliances. A good inverter can really help reduce your maintenance cost and bring you a safe and clean electricity consumption environment.
There are many brands on the market, so why you should choose ours. The answer is quietly simple because each of our products is strictly tested in the lab to ensure each customer the best quality and safety. Good materials and advanced design make our products more endurable and safe.

Technical Fertures:

1. Sensorless vector control(SVC), the optimized low frequency torque boost.
2. Unique Sink design and advanced Switching Mode Power Supply technology.
3. Circuit protective technologies and new component improve the anti -interference ability.
4. Preset frequency, the adjustable Central frequency of swing frequency control.
5. Built-in PLC or Terminals implement muti-speed operation.
6. Control mode: optimized SVPWM
7. Automatic energy saving, optimize V/F curve to save the energy.
8. Switch input channel, forward and reverse instruction, 8 channels programmable switch input, which can be best respectively 35 kinds of functions.
9. Strong overload ability, 150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 3 seconds.
10. RS485 standard communication interface, support ASC2 and RTU format MODBUS conmunication protocol.
11. One VFD controls four pumps, auto hiberation and awake function.

Technical Specifications:

SpecificationsPower7.5Kw, 10HP
Output current16A
Input voltageDC 250~800V, 3AC 380/415/440V
Output voltage3AC 0~380/415/440V
MPPT Voltage ( Vmp )260~750V
MPPT effciency99.60%
Motor typeControl for permanent magnet servo motor and asynchronous motor pumps.
Solar pump control special performanceMPPT ( maximum power point tracking), CVT (constant voltage tracking), auto/manual operation,
dry run protection, low stop frequency protection, minimum power input, motor maximum
current protection, flow calculating, energy generated calculating
Protection functionPhase loss protection, phase short circuit protection , ground to phase circuit protection , input
and output short circuit protection. Stall protection
Protection degreeIP20, Air force cooling
Running modeMPPT or CVT
AltitudeBelow 1000m; above 1000m, derated 1% for every additional 100m.

100V DC solar pump inverter

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