IP54 IP65 Frequency Inverter

  • IP54 IP65 Frequency Inverter
  • IP54 IP65 Frequency Inverter
IP54 IP65 Frequency Inverter
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IP54 IP65 Variable frequency drive V/F control, Open/close loop control mode。
Drive well all kind motor in industrial field.
IP54 IP65 sealed VFD, can better prevent dust layer, suitable for bad environment.
CE Certificate IP54 IP65 3 Phase VF Control Variable Frequency Inverter,can better prevent dust layer, suitable for bad environment.

ZK S100 series variable frequency inverter mainly features:

S100 VFD Novel structure design; Complete upgrade of the software; Optimized production technique; Mature test equipment.

1. For all kind of motor control;

2. 200V/380V/440V/480V;

3. It could be paralleled connected, no capacity limited;

4. Allowable for the occasion with electricity fluctuation;

5. Special design, the ordinary resistor could be used so no need to use senseless resistor. Resistor box could be specially ordered;

6. Ensure the brake IGBT in saturation;

7. Protection: Short-circuit, low voltage, over voltage, fast fuse, over heated;

8. Automatic track during the whole process;

9. Noise filtrated within all frequency range, no disturbance to other equipment.

Technical specifications:

Control modeControl modeV/F controlSensorless in open loopClose loop vector control
Starting torque0.5Hz 150%0.5Hz 180%0.00Hz 180%
Speed adjust range0: 501:1001:1000

Speed stabilizing


Torque precisionNONO±5%
Motor type

General induction motor

permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM )

Function designHighest frequency

General vector control :320Hz

V/f control: 3200Hz

frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz

Analog setting:maximum×0.025%

Carrier frequency0.5K~16KHz, the carrier frequency can be adjusted by temperature automatically
Frequency reference setting methodDigital of Control panel, analog AI1, AI2, potentiometer of control panel, UP/DN control, communication, PLC pulse frequency
Acceleration./deceleration characteristicLinear curve and S curve accel. /decel. mode, range of time: 0.0 to 65000S.
V/F curve3 mode: linear, multiple points, N Power
V/F separation2 times separation: totally separation, half separation
DC braking

DC braking frequency: 0.0 to 300Hz,

DC braking current: 0.0% to 100%

Braking unitStandard built in for up to 4T22G (22kw), optional built it for 4T30G~4T110G (30kw to 110kw), external built for above 4T160kw .
Jog functionJob frequency range: 0.0 to 50.0Hz, the acceleration and deceleration time of Jog
Configured PID functionEasy to perform pressure, flow, temperature close loop control.
PLC multiple speedTo achieve 16 segment speed running through built in PLC or terminal control
Common Dc busMultiple drives use one DC bus for energy balance.
Auto voltage regulation (AVR)Enable to keep output voltage constant when grid fluctuation
Over load tolerance capability

G type model: 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 3s,

P type Model: 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 3s.

Stall protection control when over current, over voltageCarry out limiting automation for running current, voltage to prevent over current, over voltage frequently
Rapid current limit functionMinimize the IGBT module broken to protect the AC Drive, maximum reduce the over current fault.
Torque limit and torque control

"Excavator" characteristics , torque limit automatically during motor running. Torque control is available in close loop vector control mode.

FeaturesFriendly interfaceDisplay “Hello” when power on.
Multiple function key JOG buttonIt can set for Forward Jog, reverse Jog, forward/reverse switch
Timing control functionA total running time and total running time calculating
2 group motor parametersTo achieve two motor switchover freely, control mode is selectable
Motor over heat protectionAccepting motor temperature sensor signal input via AI1 terminals.
Multiple kinds encoder *Compatible collector PG, differential PG, and rotary transformer Encoder( resolver).
Command sourceControl panel, control terminals, series communication, switch freely.
Frequency sourceDigital setting, analog current/voltage, pulse setting, serial communication, main and auxiliary combination.
Protection functionShort circuit detect when power on, input/output phase loss, over voltage, over current, under voltage, over heat, over load protection.
EnvironmentApplication siteIndoor, free of exposure to sunlight, no dusty, no corrosive, no inflammable gas, no oil and water vapor, and water dipping
AltitudeLower 1000m
Environment temperature-10℃~+40℃, power derated for 40~50℃, rated current derated 1% for 1℃ increasing.
humidityLess than 95%, no water condense.
IP degreeIP20  (IP54 is avaliable)

Input voltage and power range:

0.75KW~1.5KW220V~240Vsingle phase input & single phase output
0.75KW~7.5KW220V~240Vsingle phase input & 3 phase output
0.75KW~132KW220V~240V3 phase input& 3 phase output
0.75KW~800KW380V/440/480V3 phase input& 3 phase output

IP54 AC drive

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