Solar Pump Inverter Works in Yemen

ZK SG600 75kw solar pump inverter in Morocco

ZK SG600 Solar pumping systems can be applied to all forms of daily use, water pumping for drinking water supply for remote villages and farms without connection to the water grid, for agricultural use

such as live stock watering, agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, pond management, desert control, and industrial use such as waste water treatment etc. 

Solar Pump Inverter Works in Yemen

The PV generator, an aggregation of PV modules connected in series and in parallel, absorbs solar irradiation and converts it into electrical energy, providing power for the whole system. The pump inverter controls and adjusts the system operation and converts the DC produced by the PV module into AC to drive the pump, and adjusts the output frequency in real-time according to the variation of sunlight intensity to realize the maximum power point tracking (MPPT). SG600 solar pump inverter ( drive) is customized to operate in dual supply mode (AC and DC), so the grid connected supply is used in the absence of energy from PV cells. This inverters functions with the latest in technology maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm to derive maximum power from the PV cells at any instant. 

Site 1

Location: Morocco 

Date: Sept. 2020 


Rated Power: 75KW 100HP 
Rated current: 150A 

Solar pump inverter: 

Model: SG600-4T-075G
Rated Power: 90KW 
Rated output Voltage: AC380V 3 phase 
DC input range: 350~800V 

Solar panel: 

Rated power: 280W 

Total Power: 106,400W

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