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    IP65 Solar Pump Inverter

    1. IP54 IP65 solution 2. In-built MPPT function 3. GPRS module remote monitoring 4. Support AC pump 380V/440V 5. IP55——no dead angle of waterproof and dustproof. ● High-end protection: waterproof panel, waterproof joint, waterproof enclosure. ● Enhanced end cover design, suitable for applications in harsh environments. ● Can be installed without power distribution cabinet, saving power distribution costs.

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  • MPPT Solar Pump Inverter

    Solar pumping system converts solar energy directly into electric energy, and then drives motors to drive water pumps to pump water from deep wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources. The system consists of solar panels, solar pump inverter and water pump. Based on the design philosophy that it is more efficient to store water rather than electricity, there is no energy storing device such as storage battery in the system. Fully automatic system using variable speed drive compatible with AC, 1 /3-phase, submersible and surface mount pumps, and high efficiency PMSM Pumps. It is the best solution of solar water supply.

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