3HP Pumping Inverter For Solar Pump

  • 3HP Pumping Inverter For Solar Pump
  • 3HP Pumping Inverter For Solar Pump
  • 3HP Pumping Inverter For Solar Pump
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3HP Pumping Inverter For Solar Pump
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Solar pumping system is composed of a PV generator, a pump and a solar pump inverter.
Solar vfd drive sytem can be applied to agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, pond management, desert control, and industrial use such as waste water treatment etc.
Mppt solar inverter with stable performance, accept dc/ac input and can drive pmsm motor.

solar controller inverter system:

Solar pump inverter obtains direct current energy from photovoltaic cells, and converts it into electric energy to drive the water pump. According to the intensity of sunlight, take use of MPPT algorithm, the inverter adjusts the output frequency to make maximum use of solar energy.

Mppt vfd drive contributes to environmentally-friendly society, with a long serving life and low maintenance costs. The automatic start and stop function according to sunlight along with built-in MPPT maximizes working hours and output water flow. The inverter features complete protection functions, like dry run detection, will be ideal solution for solar pumping system.

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Solar VFD Inverter Features:

1. It has strong overload capability, suitable for most 3 phase ac pump and ac pmsm high efficiency pump;

2. Advanced dynamic MPPT function, efficiency >99%;wide range of MPPT input voltage ranges;

3. Compatiable with dual power input, accept ac and dc input in the same time;

4. IP20 design,speed regulating heat dissipation,indoor use;

5. RS485 and GPRS remote monitoring and start-stop management through APP and Website;

6. LED/LCD display operating panel and support remote control

7. Perfect system protection, undervoltage, overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, grid phase loss, pump dry, phase loss, short circuit, overheating, etc.

8. Fully automatic operation control, auto start and stop when power on.

Wring steps:

It is accepted dual power AC/DC mode connecting input.

User can able to install a power switchover to selection which mode power input as conditions.

1. Wiring P+ and P- of DC solar power to R, T terminals, or 1/3 phase cables of AC power supply to R, T ( R, S, T) of inverter. Connect 1 phase 220VAC AC input L, N to R and T terminals of inverter.

2. Built a Run/Stop switch S1 to start pumping when setting P0.02 for 1,that inverter works in terminals control mode. This inverter can achieve auto start at morning when sun light radiation is good, auto stop when sunset when sunlight radiation is low.

3. Built a switch 2 to disable solar pump control mode when connecting AC grid input.

The inverter can be used for a variable speed drive (VFD) for pumps speed adjusting as need

The output frequency can be adjusted by P0-03 frequency reference mode setting.

The MPPT function is closed when turn off switch 2 and set P4.02=53.

The solar pump control mode function also can be disable by parameters setting PE00=0.

4. Connect 2 wires of float ball sensor to DI4 and COM for water tank level fulling detecting, and set P4.03=51( float ball NO relay alarm). When water level reached to sensor detecting, the normal open (NO) relay point will be activated, inveretr stop pumping, and sent a A.FuL alarm.

5. Connect 2 wires of sensor of dry run sensor of well to DI5 and GND, and set F4.04=52 ( dry run NC relay alarm).

It will sent alarm A.LLd and stop pumping when lack of water in well for dry run protection.

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